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Peter (Secretary) & Colin  (Chairman) at the new borehole at Salibga Primary School in Bongo during their recent visit .            Photo: Lucas Adongo 2023

Atampintin JHS. Headteacher Abongo Isaac (left) with Peter and Colin at the new borehole at Atampintin Junior High School, Bongo District. May 2023


In May the Chairman and Secretary of Project Bongo made an extended visit to Bongo to see the recent projects and visit some of the older ones. It was a great opportunity to meet the stakeholders and speak to the communities where boreholes have been situated. They also saw the operation of the foodbank, supporting the local community. Project Bongo want to especially thank Hagar and Lucas for their hospitality and Francis Aloyale and for arranging transport. And as ever special thanks to Faustina and BONDO for helping to arrange the visit.

If you can help in any way with donations (regular or one-off) it would be much appreciated by the Bongo community. Remember every penny donated goes directly to the projects (apart from bank transfer charges which we must pay to transfer money to Ghana. Any personal visits are personally funded!

Please visit our DONATE page.


Remember if you pay UK tax and are donating to Project Bongo activities please fill in a Gift Aid form. The tax we can claim back does make a difference.


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PHOTO-Salibga 1jpg.jpg
Photo: Lucas Adongo 2023

The new borehole at Atampintin

Drilling the borehole at Salibga Primary School April 2023 (Video: Lucas Adongo 2023)


The foodbank distribution meeting in Bongo. This was the initative of Faustina and BONDO to support disadvantged families affected by recent poor harvests.


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