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The new borehole concrete pad at Atampintin D/A Junior High School being constructed, 26th April 2023                              Photo: Lucas Adongo 2023

Two new boreholes from Project Bongo

April 2023 and PROJECT BONGO has helped facilitate the drilling and construction of two new boreholes at Salibga Primary School and Atampintin D/A Junior High School, in Bongo District.  They will provide the schools and community with fresh water. All thanks to BONDO for organising the borehole  work which was financed by the charity including a special memorial donation. As ever a big thank you to Faustina for her role in BONDO.

If you can help in any way with donations (regular or one-off) it would be much appreciated by the Bongo community. Remember every penny donated goes directly to the projects (apart from bank transfer charges which we must pay to transfer money to Ghana. Any personal visits are personally funded!

Please visit our DONATE page.


Remember if you pay UK tax and are donating to Project Bongo activities please fill in a Gift Aid form. The tax we can claim back does make a difference.


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Drilling the borehole at Salibga Primary School April 2023 (Video: Lucas Adongo 2023)


Photo: Lucas Adongo 2023


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