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Walking for water

Part of the Borehole for Bongo project but linked to fundraising and awareness-building especially in education work


Peter speaking at the official opening of the Apuwongo Junior High School in January 2017


Boreholes for Bongo

​We raise money to provide much needed access to fresh potable water on school compounds for use by both school and local community. This way the pupils, particularly girls, do not miss any of their education going to fetch water from long distances

Apuwongo JSS Project

In 2011 we helped set up a project to build a Junior Secondary School at Apuwongo in the Bongo District. This was  funded by donations from Ormesby School in Middlesbrough, a donation from the late Linda Davis and Project Bongo. It was completed in 2016 and local pupils  no longer have to cross rivers simply to get to school


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